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10AX Intermediate Switch - Matt Black

An intermediate switch is used when you have three switches controlling one light. A typical example of this is on a landing. There is a switch at the bottom of the stairs, one at top of the stairs and one at the end of the landing. On this circuit you would need the middle switch to be intermediate (i.e. the one at the top of the stairs) in order for all the switches to function properly. Flawless Screwless low profile metal design.

10AX rated

Screwless low profile design with built in gasket

Certified to EN 60669-1

Minimum mounting box 16mm

Dimensions: 87.5mm x 87.5mm

IP Rating: IP20

15 year warranty

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Accessory Box Depth: 16.00
Dimensions: 87.5 x 87.5mm
10AX Intermediate Switch
87.5 x 87.5mm