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524mm x 785mm 80W Mirror Demister

The Heat Mat Mirror Heat system automatically ensures mirrors are steam free after bathing or showering. The Mirror Heat product also leaves mirrors demisted, enabling you to shave or apply makeup without having to wait.

This product uses up to 50% less power consumption than the leading alternative and is easy to install. It simply adheres to the back of your mirror, and can be wired through the lighting circuit.

This system is regularly used in hotels and new build projects.

There are eight different sizes to ensure a perfect fit for each individual mirror.

The various Mirror Heat pads can be mixed and matched for use on very large or unusually shaped mirrors.

When measuring a mirror for installation of a Mirror Heat pad, a margin of at least 25mm should be left around the outside of the mirror and between heating pads.

The Heat Mat Mirror Heat pad has a self-adhesive backing enabling it to be easily attached to the reverse of a mirror.

The mirror can then be affixed to the wall using mirror adhesive.

The adhesive can also be used on the back of the Mirror Heat pad to further secure the mirror to the wall, as long as the adhesive is solvent free.

If being used with a safety-backed mirror the backing should be earthed, as should all metal parts surrounding the mirror.

Size: 524mm x 785mm

Wattage/230V - 80W

10 year warranty

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Price (inc VAT)
Picture of 524mm x 785mm 80W Mirror Demister
5-10 Days
524mm x 785mm 80W Mirror Demister