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Colour Change LED Ground/ Marker Light

For subtler outdoor effects and a wide 100 degree spread of colour, choose the frosted glass of the GL050.

The GL050 is every bit as robust, cost effective, and long lasting as other RGB ground lights (Stainless steel casting, IP specification, low power, zero maintenance) and just as quick and easy to install.

Colour Changing - Red, Green and Blue LED Colours

Dimensions: Height = 43mm x Diameter = 75mm

Product Info
Beam Angle
Price (inc VAT)
Picture of Colour Change LED Ground/ Marker Light
RGB 5-10 Days
Wattage: 6.7
Lumens: 41
Beam Angle: 100
Lamp Type: RGB
Colour: RGB
Diameter: 75.00
Dimensions: 43 x 75mm
Length: 0.00
Hours: 70,000
43 x 75mm