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Ei168RC - RadioLINK Base

The Ei168RC RadioLINK Base is an easi-fit mounting plate with built-in RadioLINK.

It provides wireless interconnect between alarms, i.e. when one alarm is triggered, all alarms in the system sound.

It is mains powered unit with a rechargeable lithium cell back-up, to be used instead of the easi-fit base to enable the alarms to have RadioLINK capabilities.

The Ei168RC RadioLINK base is compatible with the 140RC Series alarms – Ei146RCEi144RC & Ei141RC.

The 160e Series and Multi-Sensor Fire Alarm use a RadioLINK Module, Ei100MRF, directly into the head of the alarm to gain RadioLINK+ capabilities instead of a base.

Once all the alarms have been installed the RadioLINK system is secured by a special House Coding function to safeguard the system from interference from other RF systems.

The Ei168RC allows for easy expansion of an existing hard-wired interconnected system. A mixed wired and wireless system is often referred to as a hybrid system.

To set a hybrid system up – Simply fit one Ei168RC base to an alarm in the existing alarms and any new alarms with Ei168RC bases. Once installation is complete House Code the alarms together into a system.

If any alarm, hard-wired or wireless, is now triggered it will sound all the alarms in the system.

Dimensions: 150mm dia x 37mm (20mm installed)

Approvals: CE certified / EN300220-3 (RF) / 301498-3 (EMC)

5 Year Guarantee

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Lamp Type: Radio Link Base
Dimensions: 150 (dia) x 20 mm
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Radio Link Base
150 (dia) x 20 mm