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Ei100MRF - RadioLink+ Module

Add this to an Ei160e series alarm to allow for RadioLink+ interconnection and data extraction

Compatible with other Aico wireless interconnection products

Eliminates tricky wiring runs

Saves time, mess and money at installation

Makes it easier to add in new alarms and accessories

Data extraction capabilities

Alarm-self monitoring function

Product Dimensions: 80mm x 18mm x 16mm (excluding aerial)

Approvals: CE certified / EN 300220-3 (RF) / EN301498-3 (EMC)

5 Years (limited) Guarantee 

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Picture of Ei100MRF - RadioLink+ Module
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Voltage: 230
Lamp Type: RadioLink+ Module
Dimensions: 80mm x 18mm x 16mm
RadioLink+ Module
80mm x 18mm x 16mm