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Silent Conceal 100 Timer Fan

The Manrose Silent Fan Conceal offers a low sound level of only 16dB(A), comes with a tile like front cover and is now available as a humidistat model.

Designed for wall and panel mounting, this attractive fan is ideal for bathrooms and toilets.

The unit also comes complete with a performance enhancing turning vane system located in the spigot to improve performance by maintaining a high output.

Select from 2 speeds - 15 l/s or 21 l/s

High quality, long life motors continuously rated and warranted for minimum of 30,000 hours or 3 years

Decibel Level of of Only 16dB(A) at 3m

An impressive extraction rate of 75m³/hr, 21 litres per second on high speed

Low energy motor with a maximum of 7 Watts

Complete with integral backdraught shutters

Dimensions: 159 x 159mm

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Wattage: 7
Dimensions: 159 x 159mm
Silent Conceal 100 Timer
159 x 159mm