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Collingwood's smart lighting product range is ideal for residential applications

Collingwood have specifically designed and developed the system to be easy to use and simple to install

A range of lamps, plugs and control devices are available, to ensure that the majority of smart lighting applications are covered

The hub is central to the system and it's functionality, ensure that there is a hub included in each installation

The mesh technology builds up coverage in the home as signals pass between devices to eliminate dead spots and ensure quick transmission of the commands in actions

The centre of the system, one is required for each installation

Links between the command from the app, or home automation device and the products

Connects to your internet router via WiFi, no need for an Ethernet connection

Comes with a USB cable and a 3 pin plug for connection to a socket

Small footprint for discreet installations

30 devices can be controlled by the hub

Download and pair with the Collingwood Lighting app - CWD SMART

Three green lights on the front face light up when receiving power, connected the internet and paired with the app

30m WiFi range

ZigBee technology

IP Rating: IP20

Dimensions: 63 x 63 x 23mm

2 Year Warranty 

Product Info
Price (inc VAT)
Picture of CWD Smart Hub
5-10 Days
Dimensions: 63 x 63 x 23mm
CWD Smart Hub - UK Plug
63 x 63 x 23mm