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  • White Finish
  • Polished Brass
  • White
  • w
  • 400w
  • 250w
  • £0.49 - £10.49
  • £20.49 - £30.49
  • £40.49 - £50.49
  • £60.49 - £70.49
  • £80.49 - £90.49
  • £100.49 - £110.49
Lamp Type
  • Switch

Switches & Sockets

White Plastic Switches

  • MK Logic Plus range
  • Crabtree capital range
  • Click Mode range
  • BG Nexus range
  • Long lasting and are the best in their range

Hamilton Hartland (raised plate)

  • A slightly raised metal plate with a thickness of 6mm
  • Soft rounded edges
  • Available in a range of stylish finishes
  • Value for money

Hamilton Sheer (flat plate)

  • A slim flat plate with only a thickness of 2mm
  • It has no edge and sits neatly flush against the wall
  • Softly rounded insert profiles and soft rounded corners
  • Available in a range of finishes

Hamilton Hartland CFX (screwless raised plate)

  • A plate with an edge of 7mm
  • The face plate clips onto a pre-screwed inner plate
  • Once installed no screws visible
  • Very elegant and ultra modern

Hamilton Sheer CFX (screwless flat plate)

  • 2mm Ultra slim flat metal plates with no fixing screws visible
  • The face plate clips onto a 4mm pre-screwed inner plate
  • Available in a range of stylish finishes

Linea CFX

  • An exclusive range of switches and sockets
  • Part of the Linea Rondo Range

Back Boxes

  • Accessory boxes for wiring accessories
  • Available in plastic and metal
  • Different sizes avaialble

Varilight Dimmers

  • Varilight Energy Saving Dimmerswitch
  • Varilight V-Pro Programmable Dimmer
  • Smoother dimming than leading edge and silent operation, no buzzing
  • Compatible with a large range of bulbs and lamps

Hamilton Luxury Door Handles

  • A Range of Luxury Door Handles designed to compliment Hamilton electrical wiring accessories
  • Ideal partners for the modern domestic or office suite interior

Hamilton Bloomsbury

  • Antique style plain or fluted domes with toggle switches and bell push on natural wood plinth plates
  • Traditional style
  • Four different woods finishes with a choice of Ovolo or Chamfered Edge

Hamilton Woods

  • Four Natural Wood Finishes
  • Choice of Ovolo or Chamfered edge
  • Quality Accessories on Natural Wood Plinth Plates
  • Ideal for building with character
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